Anima is a magazine for contemporary poems which dare to question the materialist paradigm of western culture. We aim to offer the reader thoughtful and intelligent writing from perspectives beyond the everyday world of sense and reason. Poems of metaphysics, mythology and symbolism, of depth psychology or transcendence — all these and more are welcome in our pages.

 Falling Stars by  Flora McLachlan

Falling Stars by Flora McLachlan

The magazine is a beautifully produced, annual, perfect-bound publication of some fifty pages, which is a delight to hold and look at as well as to read! We publish both free verse and formal poems, and are particularly interested in work that brings a fresh and contemporary edge to traditional forms. Sign up for our mailing list with the form below to receive notification when each new issue is available. 

Anima is available by subscription or you can buy individual issues. Both these options can be purchased below. We accept credit cards, and also Paypal for individual issues. We ship worldwide.

Editor: Marcus Sly
Assistant Editor: Alyson Hallett
Contact: Anima Poetry Press, Cissbury, Ashfield Road, Midhurst, West Sussex. GU29 9JS.
Submissions: Anima only accepts online submissions. See our submissions page for guidelines and instructions.

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Anima Issue 4

Featuring poems from guest poets Penelope ShuttleDikra RidhaJames Simpson and Victoria Field.

Regular readers will notice a few changes in this issue, which we are treating as something of a relaunch to formally mark the involvement of co- editor Alyson Hallett, and to set a clear direction for the future. We have updated the look and format while, I hope, staying true to the original feeling behind the magazine. We have also made the decision to switch to annual publication going forward, to ensure Anima can continue to flourish in the future.

Most importantly, this is the first issue in which we have invited guest poets to contribute, and we very proud to present some inspiring work from Victoria Field, Dikra Ridha, Penelope Shuttle and James Simpson. In addition, as usual, we have an exiting and eclectic mix of poets from the UK and around the world.

Poems by Alicia Cole, Amy Huffman, Angela Arnold, Anna Dear, Bobby Steve Baker, Carl Tillona, Caroline Howlett, Colin Crewdson, Dennis Trujillo, Dikra Ridha,  Floki Moriarty, Hannah Wells, Janet McCann, James Simpson, Jaz Dalrymple, John Warner Smith, Kilby Austin, Kimo Armitage, Laurie Petersen, Leonard Zawadski, Louise Warren, Lucy Soutter, M Sanchez, Marcus James, Michelle Brooks, Miki Fukuda, Natalie Crick, Penelope Shuttle, Peter Hague, Phil Vernon, Richard Hawtree, Robert E. Petras, Samir Nomani, Susan Taylor, Tova McKenzie-Bassant, Victoria Emms, Victoria Field, and William Thompson.

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Anima Issue 3

Issue 3 is our biggest and best yet. In its 73 pages we range across space and time—from ecstatic Medieval Persian mysticism to contemporary Alien encounters in the USA—and through a gamut of perceptions of the eternal which encompasses both Zen-like expressions of insight, clarity and transcendence, and the confusion of embodied life with all its complexity, richness and shadow. 

One of the delights of editing the magazine is always the international flavour of the contributions and the range of perspectives this brings; in Issue 3 we have writers from Iran, Portugal, the USA, Canada and the UK. This is also the first issue with our new Assistant Editor Alyson Hallett. We are sure you will notice and appreciate the contribution her fresh eye has brought to the magazine.

73 pages with contributions by: Alex Mazey, Andra Emilia Fenton, Andrew Christiansen, Anna Dear, B.R. Strahan, Basil du Toit, Bruce Alford, Calvin Olsen, Charles Kell, Chris Riseley, Christien Gholson, Darrell Petska, Djelloul Marbrook, Eliot Keirl, Gabriel Arquilevich, Hossein Rahmani, James Morris, Jared Carter, Jenni Gribble, Jeremy Grant, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, John Newson, Justin Davis, Kevin McCoy, Mario Petrucci, Michael De Rosa, Miki Fukuda, Morgan Eklund, Peter Roberts, Richard Marranca, Rita Moe, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Seth Jani & Steve Pelletier.


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Anima Issue 2

57 Pages, with contributions by: Ann Keith, Anna Dear, Anne Britting Oleson, Callum Meaney, Carolyn Dille, Catherine McGuire, Charles Brown, Don Russ, Donald Zirilli, Isabel Chenot, Jared Carter, Josh Mitteldorf, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Kai Coggin, Kilby Austin, Linda Ann Suddarth, Mark J. Mitchell, Mark Rutter, Matthew Ulland, Nick Norton, Peter Branson, Rachel Crawford, Rashi Rohatgi, Richard Hawtree, Richard Skinner, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Rodney Nelson, William Ruleman.

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Anima Issue 1

Issue one is now sold out.

59 Pages, with contributions by: John Harn, Isabel Chenot, Robin Turner, Frederick Pollack, Jeremy Greener, Jack Tricarico, Jon Wesick, Sara Backer, Linda Ann Suddarth, Anna Dear, Thomas Zimmerman, Don Russ, Mary Jean Chan, Fred Melnyczuk, Paul Fauteux, Bryony Porteous-Sebouhian, Stephen Komarnyckyj, Samuel Henke, Richard Bly, Kenneth P. Gurney, Ann Quinn, Raine Geoghegan, Fabiyas MV, Marcus James, J. J. Steinfeld, Laurie Kolp, C.B. Anderson.

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