Welcome to Anima

Anima is a new small press which aims to be a space for work which engages with human experience beyond the positivist/materialist worldview implicit in so much contemporary culture and art. We will initially be based mostly around producing a biannual magazine. The first issue is currently in preparation. In time we hope to expand to include publishing poetry collections and possibly prose works that are congruent with our aims. We don’t have a launch date for the first issue of the magazine yet, but if you wish to be informed when it is ready for ordering, please enter your email address in the form on the right hand side of this page to join our mailing list.

Anima is a journal for contemporary poems which dare to look beyond the materialist paradigm of mainstream western culture. We offer the reader thoughtful and intelligent writing which, in one way or another, fails to take for granted the primacy of the everyday world of senses and reason. Poems of metaphysics, gnosis and symbolism, of depth psychology or transcendence — all these and more are welcome in our pages.