Poetry Book Publishing

We have been very encouraged by the interest shown in Anima since the website launched six months ago — thanks to everyone who has been in touch, joined the mailing list, or contributed so far. Submissions for the first issue of the magazine are now closed and we are hoping to get it finished and ready for purchase by early summer 2015. Meanwhile we are now accepting submissions for issue 2, so if you would like to contribute have a look at our submissions page.

We have now decided to start moving towards 'phase two' of the Anima project, which is to publish and promote individual poets' collections in book form, and also prose books that are closely related to our themes; we are now seeking submissions for these also. For more information see the books page.

In the meantime thanks again for your support, please consider joining the mailing list (below) to receive news from us, including updates on books as they appear, and a 'heads up' when new issues of the magazine is ready to purchase.